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7 Ways to Make a Small Office Look Bigger

7 Ways to Make a Small Office Look Bigger

Nothing's worse than a cramped, tiny office. But what if you can't afford to pay for an architect to design a fancy, new layout? Fortunately, there are simple approaches to making a small office look and feel more expansive. These strategies won't break the bank either.

Use Multi-Functional Furniture

When you have a small office space, furniture can often be more of a hindrance than a help. While desks and chairs have their purpose, they don't have to be big and bulky to accomplish their tasks. Consider getting furniture that can perform double duty as storage or seating options. For example, ottomans with storage inside them or tables with drawers built into them will give you more room while holding items that would otherwise take up space.


Few things make an office look smaller than clutter. Whether you're an owner or employee, the space will feel bigger once you've decluttered it. It can be difficult to determine what to keep and get rid of, but this three-part process will help:

• Purge. Go through every item in your office and ask yourself: is this necessary? Do I need this? If the answer is "no," get rid of it.

• Clean up after yourself. If it's not a permanent fixture in your office, put it away at the end of each day.

• Switch up furniture placement if possible: Get rid of any bulky furniture that you don't need for business purposes (for instance, a table with six chairs could be replaced by a simple two-chair table).

Paint it White

One of the most effective ways to make a small office appear larger is with paint. If a wall, or even the whole room, is white (or a light color), it reflects light, making it seem larger and brighter. If you find that white makes your space look cold or sterile, add other colors with a few well-chosen pieces of furniture accessories to create more warmth. You can also paint one wall white with another color on the rest of the walls to make it pop. 

Use Mirrors

Use mirrors to make your small office feel larger. Why mirrors? They reflect light and make a room look bigger. They also add dimension, creating the illusion that there is more space than there is. If you have windows in your office, use mirrors to reflect the natural light coming in. If this isn't an option, you can use LED lights on dimmers to create a sense of depth in your office space.

Another option is to face a mirror toward a beautiful view from outside if you have one available or face it toward another room that you would like visible from your office when working at your desk. Finally, turning a mirror toward artwork or plants will open the space and give it visual interest.

You can also add a mirror above an accent wall or alongside a column of bare windows. As mentioned, mirrors create the illusion of additional space, but also serve as an important design element for your office. For example, if there's an architectural feature that you want to draw attention to -- such as a tile backsplash or exposed brick wall -- placing a large mirror in front of it will make it more prominent.

Try placing a mirror opposite of where light comes in through windows so that natural sunlight reflects off its surface and illuminates everything around it. And remember, when designing with mirrors, always be sure not to add too many -- because if there are too many reflecting surfaces in one area, this will only create more clutter and make things look even worse than before!

By outlining a focal point with a mirror, you not only highlight it and make the room look larger but also bring more natural light into the space by reflecting what little light there is coming through the window. And because mirrors are so versatile (you can hang them or place them on shelves), they're easy to incorporate into any room in your home--not just your office!

Add LED Lighting

LED lighting can add depth and illusion of space to an office. Plus, LED lights are cool, bright, energy-efficient, cost-effective, durable, and have a long lifespan. All these benefits make them a great choice for your office. Not only will they save you money on your utility bills, but they also help create the illusion of a larger space by adding depth to a room. You can place LED lighting on top of bookshelves or over areas where you would like accent lighting. You can also get creative with your placement to make your work area feel more spacious.

Use Glass Pieces

Tap into the design power of glass. A glass table can give the illusion of more space since it's transparent, so you can place it in your office without making the room appear smaller or cluttered. Glass shelving is also a room expander since it looks like it's floating on its own.  Glass tables and glass lights combine functionality with style and make even a narrow room seem wider. Glass tables and glass lamps combine functionality with style and make even a narrow room seem wider. You can also choose clear acrylic if you're looking for something less expensive than real glass.

Keep the Space Uniform

Another approach is to use the same color and style throughout your office. Use matching paint, furniture, art, and lighting. Use patterned fabrics to add visual interest. Uniformity makes the space look bigger. Use light colors for walls and floors to make the room appear larger. Hanging artwork in your office will make it seem larger and more interesting if you can keep the walls organized and not overcrowded.

The Bottom Line: Small Offices Can be Stylish and Chic

While small offices are often associated with clutter and a cramped, messy feel, you can create a chic and stylish small office space by keeping these principles in mind. Ditch the clutter, take advantage of light, and choose simple decorations like pictures or artwork on the wall, which have clean lines and won't overwhelm the eye. The goal is for these decorative elements to enhance rather than detract from your desired modern aesthetic.

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