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National Small Business Week and Promoting Your Business

small business week

Observed in May each year, National Small Business Week is a celebratory period that recognizes how small businesses contribute to America. For small businesses that employ half of all workers in America, it's recognition that's well-deserved. Throughout the week, the Small Business Administration hosts webinars and events in different cities, calling attention to the work that small businesses do. If you're a small business owner, you might wonder how you might use National Small Business Week to give your brand a boost. If the idea appeals to you, what follows are suggestions.

Join hands with other small businesses

Since National Small Business Week celebrates what small businesses do, it can be a good time for your business to run with the theme yourself. It could be an idea to find a small business in your town that you might create a joint venture or partnership with.

You could either find a business to collaborate with that is able to teach you something, or find one you could help. If you're skilled at using social media for business, for instance, you might look for a small business that is not very social-media savvy, to join hands with. You could help the business understand social media better, and give it a better chance at success. Alternatively, you could join hands with a business that you could learn something from.

Throw an event

Hosting a free event can be a productive way to get new customers in your area to become interested in your brand or product. You could host the event at your office or rent a venue to do it. The theme of the event should align with your brand and product so that it brings in the right kind of interested people.

If your business sells running shoes, for instance, you might organize running groups, or have a shoe company send representatives who show guests how a pair of shoes that is the exact right fit could change their running experience for the better. Your guests could become familiar with the store's friendly employees and switch their buying habits away from online stores to shopping at your store.

If the idea of organizing an entire event seems like it might cost more than you would want to invest or seems too time-consuming, sponsoring an event that someone else holds is a possibility, as well. You could get in with minimal investment, and yet have your brand appear on the promotional materials that the event's organizers create. You could even have a representative of your business appear at the event and talk to participants about your brand.

Cover events on social media

Various groups organize events around National Small Business Week. It could be a good idea to keep an eye on the different events that you hear about or read about, attend the ones that you can go to, and cover them on social media. There aren't that many places that people can go to for news on what happens during National Small Business Week; if your social media pages are a great source of reliable information, you will attract a new set of people to them.

Organize a contest

Organizing a giveaway or contest can be a great way to inspire your customer base. A social media contest is one ever-popular idea to try. A contest that gets your customers to post photos or videos of themselves using your product is likely to get many enthusiastic entries. They can post these images on their own social accounts, tag friends, post comments, and so on. The greater the number of social media platforms that they post to, the greater their chances of winning whatever prize you announce. You can get a great many new followers on your business channel this way.

National Small Business Week is a meaningful celebration. Not many businesses realize that they could be a part of it, however. Getting your business on board can help you promote your brand in unique ways.


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